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New 75g South American Cichlids

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Just got a previously owned 75g with a Jack Dempsey, Convict, and a what looks to be some sort of parrot that are about 5" to 7". I'm no expert and need help.... I have 2 Emperor 400s. What should I put inside the gray bio filters. Also, on one of the two, the wheel are not spinning..... one side spins for a little bit after you give it a push but the other does not. Should I change one them?? at at a time??

I would also like to add more fish.... what kind of fish would be good tank mates?

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Several issues. The Emperor wheels hardly ever need changing out. Sometimes after long use the little plastic bearings where the wheels rest can get worn to stop the turning. You may see they have grooves worn in the bearing. Easy to replace them if needed. Pull the wheels out of the way so you can see the long tube spraybar behind them. Good chance there is grung stopping the holes where the water is to spray on the wheels. A small wire stuck in the holes may clear them. It may also require pulling the spray bar out and running something down inside to clear algae. The bars have a clip at the ends to hold them in place pull strainght down to remove this clip. After they are clean you can rotate the spraybar to change the way the water hits the wheels to adjust the speed they turn. Slow turning works as well as fast as long as they turn to stay wet.

Most important is the cycle question. Has the tank cycled and you know about the cycle? Very critical to starting a new tank. Get it going steady before adding more fish. At bare minimum a month.
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