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new 75 opinions

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I just finished setting my 75 and would like some feedback on rock placement. I'm not sure I like the holey rock in the middle. I may place it to the side. I would appreciate your input. I will be painting the background black. Thanks

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In my opinion... too much symmetry in a fish tank makes it look... well man made, which it is...

I would push the holey rock into one corner and use the other large rocks to make cave-like structures...

For me the stock list also heavily influences decor...
I personally think that those 2 separate types of rock look very strange together. I have 2 different colors of the same type of rock in my 75 and I'm not happy with even that though. :lol:

Personally, I'd ditch the holy rock, sell it, and get more of the brown stuff. They'll "wear" better and look more natural covered in algae.
Alright, I agree with the holey rock not looking good in the middle, so I made some changes. Let me know what you think now. Thanks, for the feedback.

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I think it looks pretty good. I especially like the plants. Water looks a little cloudy though.
That set up looks good. Yes, they are different types of rocks....but, it looks good with that arrangement.
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