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new 55 gallon

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setting up a new 55 gallon, I'm wanting to do PEACOCKS would like some ideas on species and how many, male female ratio etc. I'm going with aragonite substrate, I have plenty of rocks and some driftwood. How should the decor be set up? Could I put brevis in with peacocks? How about some yellow labs, I know you should not mix with mbuna but the electric yellows I've owned seem MUCH more calm. thanks
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You would only be keeping one species of Aulonocara in a 55 gallon. Have you any personal preferences? I would recommend not keeping any of the Jacobfriebergi complex fish in such a tank. The brevis are unlikely to work.

The Labs could work, but I would ensure the Aulonocara are quite a bit bigger first, and established first.
You could mix labs like Fogelhund said...
Peacocks don't like a lot of rocks like mbuna, but still a little rocky area
You could try an all male tank with maybe 4 males? I've seen a few male tanks of peacocks in a 55 on this site that look pretty nice
as long as you get males of different looking species they should keep all their colour. Otherwise if you have a dominant one of same species they may lose their colours and look more female. I always loved the sunrise yellow and sunburst/strawberry red peacocks. I think its a great colour mix.
If you are going to do a mix of male / female Aulonocara, it is my understanding that you will have the best chance of success with only one male and at least three or four females in a tank of that size.
Okay I'm leaning towards a all male tank. I like the red rubescens and the yellow baenschi, I guess as long as they are different colors its okay to mix males? So how about say four male aulonocara, one synodontis catfish (I already have a good size one in another tank), and maybe one male yellow lab with three females? If someone could put some links up for an all male aulonocara 55 gallon I would really be thankful :thumb:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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