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New 55 Gal.

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I recently setup a 55 gallon tank with a fluval 305, and I stocked the following in the tank -

2 firemouth (2 inch)
1 jack dempsey (2.75 inch)
1 green terror (3 inch)
1 bristle nose pleco

The green terror is the most dominant member of the tank, of course, and he does tend to chase the jd off. He completely ignores the firemouths though. And the larger firemouth likes to chase the smaller one a lot. They've been housed together for about a month and a half now. And my question is this- Would it be wise to remove a firemouth or perhaps the JD? I was considering adding dithers to the setup. I know I'm a bit crowded as it stands. Opinions please...
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I'm not a big fan of keeping gts with jds. It usually ends in disaster... They look to similar to each other and fights will often break out...
I'm with TFG.

If its a male GT he may want that tank to himself at some point. I'd ditch him and probably one of the Firemouths if the JD is female.

A FEMALE GT may work with a Firemouth. Either way i'd probably stick to just the 2 fish. Unless you want to keep a male GT of course :D
I really like the way my GT looks so far. It appears to be a male, but it's hard for me to tell this early. I have tossed around the idea of getting rid of the JD and one firemouth and replacing them with a Texas cichlid or a convict. Not real sure what would mesh well in the tank.
Cichlids that will mesh well do not look similar in body shape or color.

ie, texas jd gt.... Find a pike or something of the sort to mix things up a bit. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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