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NEW 55 G TK. Suggestions on a mix of JD & Firemouths?

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I currently have a 30G with a mature JD 6-8" & 3 juvenile JD and 4 juvenile Firemouth's also a few convicts. Yes, I know, obviously too crowded, surprisingly, none of the fish have been beat up. I'll be moving some of them into a 55 gal tank. Any suggestions on the mix and number? I'd like to have both JD & FM. I was going to try the JD's & the 4 juvenile Firemouths. Is that too much? And can anyone recommend dither fish which might survive and will utilize the upper part of the tank as the cichlids prefer the lower half ? I have a few barbs and tetra's in another community tank I'd be willing to risk. Clearly, I have overstocking issues.
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in a 55, I would go with 1 jd and 2 firemouths, or just 2 jd's. In the 30, 1 pair of convicts or 1 pair of firemouths. Anything else would be pretty overcrowded.
I'd go with the suggestion above :thumb:
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