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I just picked up a 40g long(48in), thinking:
single species: 1 of the afra species (10)maybe
either fine gravel with flower pots and rocks
of pool sand but not sure about sand(I watched the video which made it look easy to clean but the hads in there disturbing it to release gas pockets, I dont know about that gravels or cruched coral looks much easier.
Then filtration, I've used marineland 350's on my 55 gallons, never had a canister but they look like they do a better job but cost much more. so not sure.
any thoughts????? I am thinking Jalo's or cobue's.
None of the petstores here carry any afra's at all. So I will have to order them most likely.
Since I am impatient regarding cycling tanks, I will probably use Dr.tims or nutrafin cycle.
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