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neolamprologus gracilus observations

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Got a group of 11 Gracilus and put them into a 55gal with 3 J.Transcriptus. Everything seemed to be great, they bred for me within the first 2 weeks! I believe the Julies ate all of them though. My intentions were to move the Julies out, then after a few spawns, I noticed one day that 2 of the julies were gone? The single one is in the tank since then(5months ago). I've had multiple spawns, but only a very few have made it past the 1/4" mark. That Julie must still be picking them off... I love watching the group defend the cloud of fry every 3 weeks or so. Nothing gets out of hand, just some light chasing of the Julie. I hope to finally catch that single fish and remove him, but seems like a ton of work removing 100lbs of rock to get him. I've never had any Neolamps and I have to recommend these "sort of rare" species. Anyone else out there keep these?
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