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Scientific Name: Neolamprologus buescheri (Kombe)
Pronunciation: n
s b
Geo. Origin: Kombe, Zambia
Habitat: Deep Rocky Rocky Habitat
Diet: Carnivore
Gender Differences: Monomorphic
Breeding: Substrate Spawner
Temperament: Aggressive
Conspecific Temperament: Highly Aggressive
Maximum Size: 3"
Temperature: 77 - 79°F
pH: 8.6
Water Hardness: Very Hard
Difficulty: 3


Adult male
Photo Credit: Brett Harrington

Articles:Species Article

The buescheri is a reclusive fish, that prefers dark hiding places. Their spawns are typically very small between 5-15 eggs, but are very well guarded. This aggression can become a problem for other fish in the tank, if their territory is not well defined.

They dine on small crustaceans, insect larvae and plankton in the wild. They will readily eat flakes and pellets, but will thrive with the addition of mysis shrimp, krill or brine shrimp added to this diet.

A great up to date map, of all variants of buescheri can be found here.
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