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Neolamprologus brichardi mixing

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Hello Everyone!

Looking to see on what type of cichlids could I house with Neolamprologus brichardi?

Help is much appreciated!

Thank You,
FRankie G.
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Also, a single brichardi? Or a breeding pair? Huuuuuge difference in the response.
I have a 100 gallon tank with 1 male and I am not sure if any of the other 5 is a female. Had a female a year ago and it died a couple of months ago. It spawned with the male and I ended up with 5 fry that are a little over a inch. I also have 3 Leleupi in the tank, two males and one worn out female.

Thank You,
Frankie G.
Once they pair up, they'll dominate a pretty sizable chunk of that tank - is it a 4' 100? Or 5'? If it's 4', you're going to have a tough time forming any sort of community Tang tank around them. If it's 5', maybe a little more leniency... Leleupi aren't very nice either, though. :lol:
The key is having the other fish established, large and breeding before the brichardi do. The second key is having two very distinct territories... one set of rocks at one end, one set at the other end... completely open in the middle.

N. leleupi, N cylindricus, any robust Neolamp. many of the Lepidiolamps, Altolamps all have the potential to mix well.
Marlieri or another julie could work out if you don't mind pulling the leleupi. That would give you two distinct rock dwellers. Leleupi are pretty brutal with their own, and if lucky, you will end up with one pair. If unlucky, you will end up with one that tries to take over a lot of real estate. I have J. Marlieri and N. Leleupi in a 75 right now, and they work out fine. If anything, the marlieri (smaller--probably Gombe) rule the tank, but not with any overt harshness towards any but their own. You will see your other fish out swimming more if you have a schooling fish like a small cyprichromis leptosoma in the upper part of the tank.
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