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Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe'
by Don Greg Steeves (Gas)

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Male size for Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe' is typically 12-15 cm while the females remain slightly smaller. The females are tan colored with seven faint vertical black bars lining the body. All fins are hyaline. The male is beautifully colored with a yellow tinge to the top third of the flanks merging to black along the bottom portion. The same black bars seen in the female is present on the male only much more vibrant. There is a slight reddish tinge behind the gill plate. The pelvic fins are solid black whole the front portion of the anal fin is red and fades to light blue towards the back. Two or three bright orange ocelli with a clear orbit are positioned towards the back portion of the anal fin. The caudal fin is red with a black base where it joins the peduncle. The dorsal fin is bright cyan with a red trim; towards the back portion the red engulfs the entire height of the fin. The pectoral fins are clear on both the male and female.

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The fry are tiny but hardy. We raise our broods in a 5 gallon rearing tank until they are large enough to be moved (usually about a month of age). They are then put into a 20 gallon high tank, no décor or substrate, and an air driven sponge filter to grow. There has been a solid demand for these beautiful cichlids and we have had no problems parting with the young. Hopefully there are enough people working with Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe' now that they can become a staple in the haplochromine hobby. They are always in demand and have no special needs in the aquarium.
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