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Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe'
by Don Greg Steeves (Gas)

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Fin Underwater Organism Water Fish

European hobbyists have been working with a fish called Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe', or sometimes referred to as Haplochromis sp. 'Entebbe' for some time. The unwillingness of several prominent French and Dutch ichthyologists to recognize any genus erected by P.H. Greenwood (the most influential scientist of his time working with East African haplochromines) is beyond me but to have an intellectual conversation with someone whose mind is made up, is like beating a dead horse. I will not spend any more time or effort on the proper genus placement of this species, however depending on who you are speaking with, keep in mind that it might go by a different genus name. From my novice point of view, given the cranial profile and tooth shape this fish adheres closer to the Neochromis grouping to than any other.

Water Vertebrate Organism Fin Fish

This fish was originally brought to Europe by the well-known German explorer Erwin Schraml. By 2005, Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe' was well established with several hobbyists. Several years later this fish found its way to North America and into the hands of James Bryan, an expert haplochromine breeder who was able to reproduce and distribute the species to other dedicated hobbyists. Eventually we found ourselves in possession of a group of 15 young fish. After growing them out to a size of 6cm, we were disappointed that none of the fish showed the beautiful colors that some of the photos from other groups had displayed. As time went on, it became evident that the reason for the poor display was that our entire group was comprised of females. Luckily, one of my go to friends Mike Helford was also working with this species, and after a short phone call, a small box containing two male Neochromis sp. 'Entebbe' landed on my doorstep a few days later. This changed everything and the colony burst to life.

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