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Need to thin the heard...

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I've currently got 5 yellow labs, 5 Cobalts, and 5 Cynotilapia "Mystery Fish" (supposedly Afra Lion's Cove - but there's no color on them at all yet), as well as 3 male peacocks.

All fish are juveniles, the Cobalts are the oldest, probably 2.5" or so, including the tail. They are also ********. I got them about 2 months ago and I have at least 3 males. Two of them are constantly lip locking, and while it's fun to watch, they're also tearing ass around the tank and stressing everybody else out. The labs are okay, the peacocks, mysteriously, are okay. But the Afras haven't colored up at all.

What the **** is wrong with my Afra?

So my options are:
1) Get rid of the Cobalts.
2) Get rid of the Afras.

My suspicions are that the Cobalts might be stressing the Afras out so they don't color up. Is it possible it just takes Afras a long time to color up?

These are about 1.5"-2" long.
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They are hybrids....No doubt.

Even if they were pure breeds i would be more inclined to get rid of them or better yet, set them up in an envoronment with other strong stroppy fish.
From i have heard them little buggers are bad news once they mature so getting rid of them now might save you some headaches.

Cobalts don't usually get stressed to easily they are cappable of holding there own
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