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Need some cleaning advise...

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I picked up a used 150g a couple of weeks ago for $350 :D . It came with the following:

150g 72" x 18" x 28" Perfecto Tank in great condition, new Perfecto glass tops, Coralife 4 lamp 96w unit with fans and Led moon lighting, AGA modern series oak cabinet and oak canopy - old style, Proclear 300 wet/dry filter with bio balls and hang on overflow box including all the plumbing, 200W Jager heater, Supreme Magdrive pump, Coralife 18w sterilizer.

I'm setting this tank up for my 9" WC Trimac Male and WC Female (should be getting her in the fall) my buddy is holding onto for me. Here's the male from Don Conkel (sorry, flash was on):

Now, my questions. This was a saltwater setup so how do I go about cleaning everthing out? My main concern is the pump, UV, all the hoses. I was planning on just scrubbing everything really good with soap and water. Will this be enough? Also, any suggestions on how to clean the salt residue/haze from the glass so it's nice and clear?

Thanks for your help:)
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I was in the same situation. I got a used 55G with a sump, pump, bio balls and 2 power heads. I don't know if this is the best way, but this is what i did.

I soaked the bio balls in a pretty concentrated bleach water solution for a few hours, and while they soaked, i set the sump, overflow, pump and power heads up to a 10G aquarium. I filled this with a less concentrated bleach water solution and ran it for a day. (I added the bio balls after a while.) After a day of this i drained the bleach water and rinsed everything pretty well. (several 100% water changes.)

Next i filled the tank with a vinegar water solution and ran it for a day, then rinsed really good again. I did probably 10 100% water changes, and ran this for another 2 days doing some more 100% water changes every couple hours.

I was re-sealing the aquarium while all this was happening, thats why i took my time. Im sure there are easier and faster ways, but i know this worked well for me. everybody has been living healthy for about 2 months
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