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Need opinions on which one to buy.

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In my area I have found what I think to be some decent deals on canister filters. 1 is the Fluval 405 and is said to be around 4 months old and are asking around the $80 mark. The other is a Eheim 2028 which is $130 and the last is the Eheim 2026 i believe for $90. I found out that the Fluval has 4 media trays the 2028 has 3 and the 2026 has 2. Also the flowrate of the Fluval is much higher than the others, but the reviews are mixed on all of them.

So with my 55 gal stocked with what is my Signature and the plans of adding a few more in the near future which one would you go with? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated since Im driving myself crazy on making a decision.
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The Fluval has the highest flow rate and the largest media capacity, however having never owned either brand I can't really make a recommendation.
I'm not a can guy but that fluval would not be a option to me. :D
I have both 2128 (same as 2028, but with integrated heater) and Fluval 404's. There is no comparison between them. Eheim, hands down.

The 2128 holds significantly more media than the fluval, and real world flow is much better. I have seen others claim the Fluval rate is based on an empty canister (no media), while Eheim rates their flow with media. My experiences with both would support that argument.

The Achilles heel to the Eheim is the priming button. I have had issues with the o-ring needing to be re lubricated, to stop a leak. If you go this route on the Eheim, I'd *strongly* recommend opening up the filter and lubing that O-ring before use.

As for the Fluval, I have three power units, and two can's sitting in a rubbermaid tub in my basement waiting to be thrown out. Finally got fed up with the hassles of the impeller and impeller covers breaking etc. Final straw was one of the can's cracked, causing a leak. I do believe that the 05 series is better in the design of these areas, however.
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