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Need ideas on hiding Eheim intake pipes

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I am setting up a display tank (9.5'L x 1.5'W x 2.5'H). The 2 long sides will be fully viewable. One thing I am very fussy about is that absolutely nothing artificial should be visbile in the tank.

I am getting 3X Hydor 300W inline heaters to keep the heaters out. And will not have air stone for the same reason. I am also getting 2X Eheim 2080 canister filters for filtration. These filters have 2X intakes each, and 1 outlet. I have not seen what those intakes & outlets look like yet.

At this stage, I am assuming that I will use spray bars (set above the waterline so that the bars are not visible) for the outlets. But for the 4X inlets, I need ideas on hiding them.

The thought of rock decoration around them has me worry due to my tank's dimension (narrow and tall). I don't think I'd be able to stack the limestone high enough to hide the inlest adequately. Are there any great ideas out there?
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