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need help

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I've had 2 tawian reef die and a catfish die as well.My bala shark is not as active and is swimming with is head higher than the rest of his body.Any ideas?I've noticed on my rocks some trail-like markings about 1/2" long or so,not sure if this is normal.
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When fish die I try to rule out
1) water problems:
toxin-buildup of ammonia, nitrite or other chemical that is introduced to tank
temperature-rapid change of temperature
osmotic shock-rapid change of pH and/or TDS

2) parasite-abnormal feces, flashing, odd behavior, not eating, seeing stringlike anchor worm, white dots (ick)

3) bacterial-slime coat problems, fin rot, not eating, white stuff on mouth or body

4) other--if usual medications don't work, perhaps internal worms or virus
I'm thinking the tawain reef was beat up and the ph was to high for the balas
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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