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Need Help with RO units

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I am contemplating on whether or not it is worth it to buy a RO unit for my tank setup. I am setting up a 40g planted SA tank and get my RO water from the local pet store. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is worth it to own a RO unit considering I only have one tank and not the most handy of persons. I have found some that average 25g a day for just over $100 and don't know if this is a good deal.

If anyone can give me some pointers so I know what to look for that would be great!
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What fish are you keeping, what is your tap ph, and why are you using ro water. If you aren't reconstructing the water(adding some buffer, etc) you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Most of us here believe that stability is the most important part of keeping fish. "ideal" water conditions are great, but stability is the key.
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