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Need Help with RO units

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I am contemplating on whether or not it is worth it to buy a RO unit for my tank setup. I am setting up a 40g planted SA tank and get my RO water from the local pet store. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is worth it to own a RO unit considering I only have one tank and not the most handy of persons. I have found some that average 25g a day for just over $100 and don't know if this is a good deal.

If anyone can give me some pointers so I know what to look for that would be great!
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I have decided exactly on what the fish list is going to be. Right now the ideas I am throwing around are rams/apistos angels/discus. I have a lot of homework on all species and have kept both angels and rams in the past.

Whenever I do my water changes I usually go buy RO water from the LFS and use that instead of my tap water. The tap water here usually runs high 7 to around 8.0 ph, which is too high for what I want to keep. Just wondering who uses RO units out there and if it is worth it to get one.
Sorry but have to bump this one. Just curious if anyone has one or has used one in the past. My ph around here runs a little over 8.0 and is not real clean so it would save me time running to and from the LFS buying RO water.

Just looking for some insight...
Ok. Hmmm all the decisions to be made!! :-? I am trying to keep the ph down in my tank seeing as the ph spikes to over 8.0 whenever I add my tap water into the equation. Am I correct to assume that RO water coming from my tap will still have lower ph?
ok thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate the help. Almost sounds like its not as worth it as I once believed. Unless I find a good deal, I think I may pass on it until I get my big tank :p .

Thanks again guys, this is why I use the board. :thumb:
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