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Need Help with RO units

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I am contemplating on whether or not it is worth it to buy a RO unit for my tank setup. I am setting up a 40g planted SA tank and get my RO water from the local pet store. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is worth it to own a RO unit considering I only have one tank and not the most handy of persons. I have found some that average 25g a day for just over $100 and don't know if this is a good deal.

If anyone can give me some pointers so I know what to look for that would be great!
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Sure, buy a simple home RO unit. If you get one for your kitchen sink then you can store your fish water in five gallon buckets. You'll want to mix back in a certain amount of tap water to get the right pH, TDS, microsiemens whatever.

Forewarning: this is a big PITA, you will learn to dread water change days. I gave up on this and just went to larger percentage tap water changes with a Python. For just keeping vs. breeding your tap water is your best best. Plants and bog wood can help improve the tank environment by sucking up some nitrates and softening the water a bit.

RO water technically has no pH - it needs a buffer or tap water added back to it to support aquatic life. a pH of 8.0 by itself is not a problem, but a widely varying pH that peaks at 8.0 is, if that is what you meant by "spike". Look at this article for more info: ... mistry.php

You might post your water parameters on the SA forum and see what those folks think about your dilemma.

Oh, and the low/no pH water would come out of separate smaller tap that comes with the RO kit, not the main tap you normally use.

Look here: ... ystems.asp I love these guys, great service.
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