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Need Help with RO units

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I am contemplating on whether or not it is worth it to buy a RO unit for my tank setup. I am setting up a 40g planted SA tank and get my RO water from the local pet store. Can anyone tell me whether or not it is worth it to own a RO unit considering I only have one tank and not the most handy of persons. I have found some that average 25g a day for just over $100 and don't know if this is a good deal.

If anyone can give me some pointers so I know what to look for that would be great!
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If you're still looking for an RO unit . . .
Buckeye Field Supply has great prices on RO units . . . $101 for a 100 GPD RO unit, $123 for a 100 GPD RO/DI unit . . .

If you're planning on keeping water quality sensitive fish, I'd get an RO unit . . . they aren't that big of a hassle . . . :thumb:
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