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I think that I may have the most diverse tank, mostly due to my inexperience. I am looking for help on what to stock tank with. Please feel free to suggest if I should get rid of any fish, as my fish store will buy them back.

75 Gallon New Tank (It has cycled) Fluval 405 and Fluval 205. Do you think I need more powerheads, airstones, etc. Lots of rocks and hiding places.

Original supply was
1 Demasoni
1 Albino Peocock
1 Yellow Lab
2 Red Zebra (1 is a baby)
1 Venustus (5")
1 Pleco
1 Tropheus Duboise

Went to annual fish sale and added
2 Strawberry Peacock
1 tretocephalus (Five Barred)
1 Calvus
1 Clown Loak

Fish are happy, but I have noticed tretocephalus chasing female peacock.

I CAN'T STAND the pleco and clown loak - They never come out, always hiding. Think i might rid myself of them. Also, should I get rid of Venestus. He does not bother anyone but is growing large and is kind of a spazz. Any thoughts on adding a small Frontosa. I love these fish. Also, any thoughts on the having a Calvus and Tropheus with all these. They are doing fine. How many fish can I keep in tank. How high should I stack rocks. Thanks for any help.

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Hi utamatt

I personally think you need some kind rhyme or reason for this tank… Adding some of this and some of that usually does not work out long term.

Maybe you should be thinking about;

Mbuna or peacocks.
Lake Malawi or Lake Tanganyika.
Aggressive or non aggressive.

Also, lager fish such as Venustus, and Frontosa are not recommended for this size tank.

Just my opinion…

Good luck
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