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Need help urgently pls

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Hey guys i hav a 30galon 100litre tank,jst added gravel n water,pls cud sum 1 tel me wen cn i add 2 malawi labs 2my tank?How soon?Oh hav a 400l/hr internal hangn filter..Thank u n sowi im a newbi.
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Took a while to read your post. Not a texting kinda guy.

It's always a good idea to cycle your tank before adding fish. If you don't it will have adverse effects on them...... up to and including death.

Have you read through any of the articles posted here in the Forum? If not I would recommend starting with the first three here. ... y_list.php

You've joined a great Forum for help. Feel free to ask more questions. Everyone here wants to help get you started and going in the right direction. :thumb:
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