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need help sexing bumble bees

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yeah i have some Ps. Crabro (possibly one male one female) the one i think is male goes all black at night when i turn the lights off, problem is the other one sometimes hides its color (like a subdominant male) only he can never go straight black... thus the reason i think it may be a pair i can link pics once i take em so next post i will. both have eggspots on anal fins as well. less on the duller colored one. they are both about 3-4 inches nearly full grown just in the tank with an auratus so maybe thats why they wont take their true colors idk. plz gimme advice on how to sex em and yes the auratus are going back to lfs :**( o well lol.
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If you notice that they are spinning around alot together than you problably have a pair. If the dominant just keeps the other under cover alot they are probably two males, dominant and sub-dominant. If you notice that they seem to lock lips and try to push each other around than they were probably both dominant at one time. Either way, Ps. Crabro are very aggressive. If you want to keep more than one alive than you need to have about 6 of them. More fish will spread out aggression and keep the dominant male from killing the other. Adding more will also increase your chances of females anyways. What size tank is it? Are the Ps. Crabro and the Auratus the only three in your tank? If so the situation may be critical; mbuna are much better off over-crowded than under-populated, especially the more aggressive ones.
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ya i dont just have the hornets neways... they dont show aggression towards each other. and when i turn the lights off one of them goes hella black and they other goes yellow.. idk if that has anything to do with it. both have eggspots but that doesnt usually matter *** heard with these guys. nehoo got rid of the other more aggressive guys in my tank so its mainly them leading the tank maybe now well see their true colors.. idk ill let u know tho
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