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Need help planning a new tank

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I am planning a new tank and at first was going to do some malawi mbuna, but have changed my mind and am thinking of doing some of my favorite tangs (I say some of my favorites because I am a huge fan of Fronts, but can't do such a large tank.)

I am thinking about a 30 gallon long with

pair of Brichardi (With the longest lyre tails I can find.. maybe Cape Nangu with their little green faces or Magara?)
pair of Calvus Inkfins
3-4 (one male, 2-3 females) Oscillatus
2-4 Syn. Petricola

Hopefully all will breed.

What do you think of this combination and putting them in this tank size???? And what ratio of oscillatus are best?

Also, I am considering going with wild-caught, but unsure. What are the pros and cons of wild versus F1 versus others?

Finally, I am wondering about the substrate. I was going to do sand simply because the oscillatus is so cute blowing sand. Will the others like the sand? And I was planning on black sand to make the Brichardi and Oscillatus stand out, but I am not sure it will do justice to the Calvus? How about if I have a lot of white stone to show off the calvus?

In any case, simply in the planning stage (need to convince my husband of another tank still, but getting closer.) I would appreciate all thoughts prior to my setting it up though.....

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help....
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Thanks for the advise...

I simply love Brichardi, but maybe I will wait until I have another tank for them...

I am actually considering an extralong 33 gallon (4 foot long), would Brichardi be possible in that tank?

Otherwise, I was hoping for something a little delicate instead of Julies... What about Cyprichromis Leptosoma, paracyprichromis nigripinnis, or if I can find them, callochromis pleurospilies instead of the Julies?

Triscuit, did you mean the gobies and S Petricola in the same tank with the Calvus and Occies, or to keep them together in a seperate tank?

Also, I am trying to read up on the discussions on wild caught fish, but the one question I can't find answered yet is whether or not they can have issues adjusting to the tank and other fish in the tank? I like the idea of wild caught for breeding purposes, but not sure if it will be more stressful (for me, as well as the fish.)

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If I wanted to put the brichardi in with calvus and Occies, how big a tank would I need? Or is it simply not a good idea irrespective of size....

I had a 120 gallon a while back with brichardi, Occies, and a bunch of others (actually including Fronts) and they did well, but I think I was lucky at least with the Front-Occie combo, so not sure if I simply wasn't lucky all around. The brichardi pair was incredibly sweet, although did stick up for themselves when needed.
So I have definitely decided that I want a pair of inkfin Calvus, some L. Ocellatus (maybe 1 male and 3 female), and some P. nigripinnis (not sure exactly how many would work well.) But now I am also thinking about a pair of J. dickfeldi midnight. Could I do all these in a 55 gallon tank or am I better off sticking with 3 species?
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