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I am setting up a 135 gallon tank that is built into our living room wall. I have set up UGJ system and 2 eheim canister filters. I have a good amount of rocks and caves. I have a combination of crushed coral and cichlid sand as my substrate. Since the tank is the focal point of the room I would like to have a decent number of colorful fish that don't get to large. I really like the tangs, especially the comps, calvus and definitely would like them in my tank. I have also thought about the dwarfs and tropheus. I have read that tropheus are difficult to keep and may not be appropriate with calvus and comps, so would be willing not to have them. I have been reading the forums and find that the information is very helpful but also overwhelming. Could you please give me some suggestions on what fish would be best and any recommendations on where you would purchase them. Thanks in advance for your input.
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