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Need help in Cichlid ID

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I brought three young cichlids home. At the LFS, they said these are jade blue-eyed cichlid. However I have doubts. The LFS employee is new, the owner was not there. I am new to cichild fishkeeping. I was looking for compatible tankmates for a young Tiguer Oscar.
I got lost in the gallery. So I ask for your help.

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The owner of the LFS should be calling me tomorrow to info me about the three young cichlids. I will post here his answer, in order to confirm with you.
Thank you for your help.

I suspect I have hybrid cichlids, their head seems to elongated to be Kenyi. Hope you can help me provide propper aquarium settings for these fellows.

Bulldog: Thanks for your quick response.

Exile: despite not being "good specimen" (kind of eugenic comment), I'm going to give my best shot in providing good care for them.

Xalow: The only reason they are with the young Oscar, is due to my mistaken purchase, until my new 145gal is cycled (work in progress), and until I figure out their setting requirements, I ordered a 72gal bow (for a school of 8 red-salmon rainbows) and a 55gal for these three fellows (if I need to switch them from one tank to another, no problem). Delivery expected within 21 days.

Santo Domingo
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