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Need help identifying

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What is this fish?
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There are five fish in the picture. Do you want an ID for all five, or a particular fish?
Upper left: Metriaclima lombardoi (male)
Upper center: Psuedotropheus demasonai
Right: Melanochromis auratus (male)

Those three were easy the other two not so sure.....

Lower center: might be a Labidochromis sp. hongi island but no certainty in that guess.
Wow! I just noticed there is a big yellow arrow drawn on that photo pointing at the auratus.!!! :fish:
Thanks for the help.
Def a Melanochromis auratus (male) and a demon fish at that!! They are a lot of trouble in a mbuna tank... watch for the aggression
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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