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starsnwings said:
is their any type of freshwater crabs I could put with her?
Mbuna will usually kill crustaceans when they molt (when their skin is soft and vulnerable)

What are the dimensions of your 37 gallon tank? If it's a 30" tank (when I do a search for common tank sizes, it looks like 37 gallon tanks are usually 30" long), I fear that just about any fish you add to the tank will be harassed by your Socolofi - especially because your description makes it sound like it is a male and very territorial. It is very difficult to add additional fish to a tank with adults who have already established territory - especially in a small tank like this where the Socolofi's territory is likely to encompass the entire tank.

If you want a group of cichlids, I think your best bet may be to rehome or trade in your socolofi for a colony of Pseudotropheus Saulosi. These are dwarf mbuna and you could keep about 3 males with 10 or so females in your tank.

Your other option is to upgrade your tank size to a 55 gallon or larger. If you do this, you could get 4 females for your Socolofi (or if it's a female, get 1 male + 3 females), and additionally you could choose another species or two to complement this group.

Otherwise, my advice is to let the socolofi live out his/her life in the current tank. There is a high chance that any fish you add will be stressed or killed.
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