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Need help fast! Holding Elongatus real sick

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Bought 4 Elongatus today one was holding. Got her home put her in a holding net and is now looking real sick, fins clamped and a real ugly pale blue and pink.
She has already spat 5 eggs with no sigh of life in them.
Should i strip her and get her in a healthier environment
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Ok, the other three Elongatus went into a 40g tank with two red empress M/F, and two yellow labs. It only took them three fish about an hour before they taught the yellow labs who boss and the Red Empress acted as if they weren't even there, so they fit in without a problem. (That tank if fine they Labs and Reds breed regularly.

I put the one female into a 2 foot fry tank (in a breeding net). Nitrates 0 water changed regularly and PH up around 8.2 tempurature is ok to.

I'm thinking that she might be in shock or doesn't like the confined space. All she is doing is swimming still in the top corner of net rolling the eggs she holding on to.

I don't no whether to leave her were she is or introduce her to the tank i put the other Elongatus. Atleast i no that the eggs are still in their early stages, if they are even fertile, keeping in mind that she has now been were she is now for 6 hours.

The other guys are absolutely fine, that will teach me to buy one with a mouthful :oops:
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She jumped out the holding net over night and is now swimming around with 16 Red Empress fry, i'm gonna have to move the fry i'm suprised she hasn't killed any yet.

She seems to be a bit happier to maybe she didn't like being in that small net i had her in
Hey chromie :wink: . I got them from Vebas, traded in my entire collection apart from my Yellow Labs. and Red Empress of course because they bred again so as long as they are happy ill keep them.
The tank she came from was a species only tank and has been for about a month (apparently). If anything ill hang on to them a bit longer just to be sure. They start colouring up after about two months so we'll see.

As for her condition she is much happier now that she jumped out the net.:D I had to move my fry into another tank that i got from Vebas to as part of the trade so she is on her own now.

I put the 3 Red Empress in the other tank whilst it was cycling and within a few days 1 of the females were holding so got that to take care of soon to :?

Oh and have a tank full of Saulosi to :) it's time for these guys to start paying for themselves.

Your Avatar has more hair then you hahahaha! :thumb:
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