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I have a 125 I have had set up for about a year and a half. It is an all male hap/peacock tank with a few catfish as well. The fish range in size from about 5" to 1.5" and the tank is not massively overstocked but approaching capacity. I still have about 4-5 other species I would like to try and add in the next few weeks. I change the water weekly and the water here is hard and very alkaline so I do nothing to it other than use dechlorinator. I used PFS for the substrate though I am looking for some whiter sand to swap it to as the PFS seems to get brown algae easily even after turning it over weekly when I vaccumn the bottom. I have two rena xp' at each end of the tank with a spray bar above the sand on one end and a protein skimmer attached to the intake above it. The other end has the conventional rena intake tube and strainer and a fluval fluted exhaust piece to stir very top of the water column. I have a aqueon circulation pump (like a koralia) that is about 950 gph on the end with the skimmer in the hopes that I can blow the majority of the waste to the intake tube in the other corner. It just does not seem to be working as I have alot of trash at times floating in the water column or on the sand. I do not have that many rocks in the tank so it is not like it is all collecting around the rocks. I figured two xp3's would be pretty decent for filtration. I wish I had added a power filter to the back when I built it but the tank is too close to the wall to fit one.

Do you think upgrading to a larger canister filter is the next step? FWIW I stagger the cleaning of the filters every few weeks. The fish are very healthy and I only feed 2-3 times a day rotating between either dainichi, NLS, hikari gold, frozen krill/brine shrimp, and spirulina flakes (not all at once) and very lightly as the fish are very trim and not at all obese like some of the fish you see at your LFS. The lights are not on when I am not home (daytime) and I use 4 HO 48" T5 bulbs. I do not have much of a green algae problem (clean the glass weekly) but most of the background is covered in red/beard algae (BN pleco commited suicide in the koralia). I have been keeping cichlids for close to twenty years now and have never had this much trouble keeping a tank clean.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

It may be overkill to list what I have but just in case:

A. Ngara x1
A. Bi-Color x1
A. Baenschi x1
A. "Ruby Red" x2
A. Maleri x1
A. Lwanda x1
A. Jacobfreibergi x1
A. Hansbaenschi x1
A. Stuartgranti x1
C. Borleyi x1
F. Rostratus x1
C. Moori x2
C. Caeruleus x1
P. "Red Empress" x1
P. "Tangerine Tiger" x1
P. Spilonotus "Insignis" x1
J. Marlieri x2
A. "Dwarf Sumbu" x1
C. Rhoadesi x1
L. Intermedius x1
O. Lithobates x1
N. Brichardi x1
N. Venustus x1
S. Eupterus x1
S. Petricola x1

I am looking for a new home for the tangayikans and maleri (female).[/list]

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Are all those adult fish?

How often do you clean your sand bed with a syphen hose?

One would think 2 xp3's would be sufficiant.

You could try more filtration I don't think it would hurt. I've heard good things about the FX5. I just picked one up but I haven't had a chane to use it yet. I looks like a beast though.

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You might try cutting back feeding to once a day, preferably in the morning.
On the other hand, you say your fish are not obese and you feed lightly 2-3 times per day, perhaps this is just the norm for that size tank with that many fish.

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change. About 1/2 of the fish (mostly the peacocks) are of adult size but not fully grown. The biggest problem is the sand always looks dirty and seems to grow brown algae on it quickly. When I turn the sand it is fairly loose and clean but the surface of it is just not clean. I need to find a better way to direct the current in the tank I think as it seems trash just gets blown around endlessly.
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