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So the 300gal im getting is going to come from CustomAquariums. I will be using their Seamless Sump system along with the Stealth Overflows. The idea I have in my head is to use a stealthbox on each side of the aquarium and have a single overflow input. They are rated up to 1200gph and I could either have a single down tub to the sump on each end or double up and have dual outputs down to a dual sock tub on each end.

The sock tubs would connect to the baffles for additional mechanical filtration and biomedia and house the single return pumps in each baffle and a 300w heater. The reservoir tub in the middle would have K1 media in it and be used for a fluidized media bed. Both baffles and res tub would be connected with 1-1/2 inche tubes and have t-valves off the pump return lines for the res tub. The return lines would connect to their Siphon Stopper.

My question is, is the dual outputs to the dual sock tubs way to much pressure on the system that the pumps/returns couldnt keep up and I'd be better off with single outputs?

Does this look like a valid system for a 300gal tank? I believe the overall gallon footprint for this sump would be around 80gal.

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