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The last time i was here i was getting advice on my stocking list. Now that a few months have come and gone, I am left with this.

Msobo Deep: 2 males, 4 females
Orange back afra (cyno cobue): 1 male 3 females

The colony of Rusties I got all passed away. It could have been an illness from the breeder specific to the species or it could have been due to the ridiculous shipping fiasco which killed my BN plecos before they arrived. Either way, I was thinking of trying something other than Rusties for my last species. Since I have blacks, blues, yellows, purples covered, I was hoping to get something reddish or greenish, maybe even white with the haras and afras. Are there any peaceful species which fit this and will work with my current inhabitants?

I have no noticeable aggression issues YET....

I was thinking of cherry red zebras. Any other advice here?

Thanks in advance!

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What are the dimensions of the tank? You don't want zebras since they are Metriaclima and so are your Msobo. White labs or albino socolofi if you have room.
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