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Need Advice! Moving and giving up my Geo friends...

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Hi all!
I am moving across the country (from OH to CA), and I just can't risk taking a tank or fish that far because I'm not sure I'll have a place that allows pets....

So, I've been trying to sell my 3 beautiful Satanoperca leucosticta on the Trading Post and AquaBid, but I have not had a single inquiry.

My first question I asking too much? Currently want to get $30/fish because that is what I paid, and these guys have grown since I got them. Fair enough?

My second question is...what are some good ways to find a home for big SA cichlids? I have called several LFS in the NW-OH area and haven't not found a suitable place or offer. Most places have tanks that are too small and just want to take them off my hands and put them in terrible conditions.

These are wonderful creatures and good friends and I simply hate to see them die in the hands of a high school biology teacher or pet store owner!

Any help/ideas much appreciated!

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And in case anyone is thinking "Just try eBay!"
Well, I didn't want to resort to that, but here it is:

Still looking for suggestions! Thanks!!
Sorry, wish I could help. They are beautiful!! Craigs List maybe? Local newspaper?
you never know who WORKS at a pet store, for instance, at a store i used to work at, there was a marine bio student. obviously knows their stuff. i would love to take them if i worked/lived near you. absolutely beautiful. 30 is not too much at all.

dont give them up for "adoption" i worked at 2 pet stores and if they dont sell in about 24 hours they dont usually do well. try to find an actual aquatics store near you...normally people who work there know people or actually are good owners themselves.

i just am very against giving them up to a petco or petsmart adoption service. never works.
I'm sure someone from the Ohio Cichlid association could help you. Try their forum.

If I were visiting home (Akron) anytime soon, I'd think about it taking them off your hands for sure!
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