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well my rio2500 that came with my 75g sump has gone the way of the dodoo(bird). now i need a new one to replace. i have been looking online but want to see what you guys are using and what works the best.

i bought a quite one 4000 with this 75g tank to use for added flow in the sump. it is rated at 1017 gph but was much weaker than the rio2500 which was rated at 925gph.

so this is why i am asking for some input. i guess i am just trying to find out which pumps live up to their stock ratings. which pumps are the most bang for the buck. i am looking at magdrives and the new rios and maybe another quite one.

i am looking for around 1000gph at 0 head. price i hope to be under 100$. so ty in advance for info.

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