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I am hoping this will mature into my first, purpose built cichlid tank. I just picked up a 135 gallon with tank, stand, way too much light, filters, 60+ pounds of lace rock, heater, etc. for way too little money. I feel as if I robbed these people, but they just kept putting stuff in the truck, so who am I to complain. Here is the thing, it came with two mag 350s and a trickle filter. I have NO expeirence with the trickle. My camera is dead or I would post pics. I am not opposed to running the trickle, in fact I will do it if it is best for the fish, but is it necessary with the two 350s? It appars to all be there. The pump that came with it is HUGE. The guy said that if flows 1000gph with no haed, and should be just right when set u. I have no idea how to hook it up,but again, whats is best for the system is what I am going for. Any advice wit no pics? Sorry for the long post, but am really excited, and want it done right.
Thanks all.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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