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Near Tropheus disaster

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I have a 125G with 25 Bemba orange flames, a pair of multis and a one WC male E. cyanostictus. Filtration is done by an Eheim 2260 with Eheim diffuser. The tank has been running for about 7 months now, and everything has been going great. Last night I noticed that the filter wasn't running at top performance. I cleaned the filter basket, which brought some improvement, but not as much as I would have liked. But it was late, and I decided to tackle the issue today. Unfortunately today various things came up with my kids, and I was out of the house until 6:30pm - when I discovered that the filter had basically stopped running, the Eretmodus was dead as well as one of the multis, and the Tropheus were gasping for air at the surface :oops: :( :oops: :(

In the last hour I have done a complete filter cleaning - finding some snails in the pump outlet :x - and an approximate 70% water change.

So far the Tropheus look none the worse for the wear - the nice coloration with dark black and orange stripes is back already, and they are active and chasing each other around the tank again. However, I am worried about diseases resulting from the undue stress. Dare I even mention the word bloat :( I am in two minds whether to dose meds now to squash any possible disease before a proper outbreak, or not to stress them further by introducing chemicals :-? Any advice?

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My advice would be to not medicate. I would watch them closely for any change, but chances are you're fine...especially if they're already back to full color and behaving normally.
I would treat. I can not say its write or wrong but I would treat. Its too similar to something that happened to me (a while ago) I ended up waiting two days before treating and losing 9 of my 18 Troph to bloat.
I always run two filters per tank now.
I would give them a little metro just to be safe... If they are healthy it's not like it's gonna hurt em' right! :wink: Better safe than sorry my friend!
I had a similar experience with a HOB filter. The fish were gasping at the surface, the filter was off for maybe 8 hours? I lost one to bloat which was most likely cause by the Nitrite or ammonia spike. I would give them some metro soaked food if they're all still eating, just in case. :idea:
Thanks for all the advice. Two days later I haven't given them any meds, and they all seem to be doing great! I think it's almost time for me to celebrate, although I am still a little anxious. At any rate, they show great coloration, all of them eat greedily, and they are very active chasing each other about. I think I caught it just in time, but I'll have to do more regular filter maintenance on that tank in future. Shame about the Eretmodus, and I can't believe the multi kicked the bucket before the Tropheus!

just an after thought....

When ever I see, do, or anything happens that may stress the Trophs - I don't feed for one or two days that way their intestines don't have much to wrestle with :wink:
TitoTee said:
When ever I see, do, or anything happens that may stress the Trophs - I don't feed for one or two days that way their intestines don't have much to wrestle with :wink:
I believe that is a very sensible idea. Works for me too whenever I have an upset stomach :p

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