Another great video from African Cichlid Hub. This one is from Ndumbi Rocks in Lake Malawi.

Ndumbi Rocks is a location just north of Likoma Island. If Ndumbi and Likoma sound familiar, it's because there are several cichlid species that carry one of those names as a variant or collection point. Likoma is the largest island in Lake Malawi and a great source for many cichlid species found in the hobby.

The video is over 50 minutes long and you can see dozens of mbuna, Aulonocara and haps. Sit back and enjoy this great video. You might find something you'd like to have in your tank. For discussion on any Lake Malawi species, visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

ndumbi rocks

Tropheops sp. "Red Cheek" (Likoma). Photo by Ad Konings.​