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Nano Watching :)

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Well my girlfriend's tap water has nitrate of over 80ppm!! :eek: So I gave her my R/O system and some 5 gal jugs and she's going to switch to pure R/O. So that leaves me watching her Nano's! And I am not complaining!! They are AMAZING!! I have some pics of them! Here they are! :D 1 Male and 3 Females!

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They're very nice, wouldn't mind a pair of them myself.
The blue eyes on a yellow body is especially appealing.
Deffinately have to score me some of those like soon.
Sweet fish CL! 8) I think I would have a hard time giving them back. :lol:
Thanks guys! They are really personable fish. And I love the blue eyes!

I think I would have a hard time giving them back.
Yeah its definately going to be hard! My girlfriend bascially couldn't leave my room because she was watching them. She said, "I am going to be getting these guys back! I hope you know!" and I said,"Oh you are? I thought you wanted to swtich fish!" :lol: :lol:
They are awesome but very sensitive. I got a group about 8 months ago and had 2 pairs form and spawn. Shortly after that, they started dropping like flies!

I ended up giving my largest female back to breeder I got her from since he needed her. He gave me dozen young ones to try again. This time I am leaving them alone and using a real low flow sponge filter. I think my last tank had too much flow for them.

Good luck with them. Maybe you can get a spawn out of them and keep some for yourself :)
Yeah I hope they do! That would be AWESOME!! Yeah she said she lost a Male a couple days after arrival although he was looking pretty bad to begin with and she just recently lost a Female in the 75 gal. She said the Female looked good and ate and then soon started hiding and not eating. And now theres another thats doing the samething! I have heard they are sensitive. Could you guys please tell me how to keep them? Like to keep them alive and healthy. Because there has to be away otherwise they wouldn't be in the hobby. Is it because of ph or other? Do they need just pure R/O water or can they live in tap water? Thanks! :)
The guy I got mine form keeps his in tap water. He has a huge fish room though that tanks on an auto drip system. He said to keep the water clean but he said he found that before the auto drip, if he did more than 20% WC weekly, he found they stopped doing so well.

He also keeps them in a low flow tank. Just a small sponge filter trickling air. That is what I am doing now since my first attempt with high flow filters and big water changes didn't work out.

My first ones were very picky with food. I could only get them to eat frozen brine shrimp. Not a great diet if thats all they are eating. So far, my new ones are eating any flake I put in there. They also ate some bloodworms the other day.

I am toying with the idea of trying to raise some sort of insects for them. They eat a lot in the wild so I figure it would be good to try it in the aquarium. Just not sure what insects I can get that will be easy to keep and won't take over my house if they escape :)
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