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Aquarium size 300l
Aquarium age 2 years
Stock: 4 nannacaras (sold as acara electric blue), 11 odessa barb, 8 pearl gourami, 4 mogurnda mogurnda
70% planted
Food: everyday, homemade (cod, spinach, oats, spirulina, yeast, fishtamin, gelatine), frozen, sometimes hikari/sera
Temp: 25
Filter:eheim professionel 4+ 600
Gravel: coarse 3-5 mm, 5cm
Water changes: 30-50% every week
Params: (jbl) kh 9, gh 14
also use easy life profito and co2

Previously used tetra hexaex in main aquarium (finished 2 weeks ago). Thought maybe fish on photo has it because grows worse than the other and has noticeably bigger anal area. One barb is more pale than the others and apathetic (sometimes stops moving and lets the flow carry itself), so probably has something going for him for like half a year already, thought it could be something hexamita related.

Saw acaras fighting a couple of times. One morning caught the smaller one with mouth stuck in open position.
When taking food, mouth is functioning, but worse than previously. Noticeably harder for him to take food, which he spits out later anyways.
He's been like this for 4 days, lost interest for food during that time but not completely.

Currently living in 20l with sera bactopur. Checked inside his mouth, even compared to the healthy fish -- looks identical to me.

Could it be that it's a coincidence and real reason for stuck mouth is that he swallowed something (maybe bone or cellophane from food); or mb its still hexamita?

Is there anything I could do? My best ideas are to treat from hexamita once again or try giving fish oil as a laxative.

I have seen some people suggesting "massaging" the jaw, but there are no clear instructions. I tried without positive results.

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