A short video in the waters around Nakantenga Island in Lake Malawi.

The video was taken just this year by Pam Chin. Pam is well known around the hobby. She is an Honorary Life Member of the Pacific Coast Cichlid Association and has served on the American Cichlid Association's board. Pam was also one of the founding members of Babes in the Cichlid Hobby which raises money for cichlid conservation and research.

The video shows the abundance of cichlids that can be seen while out for a swim around Nakantenga Island in the southern part of Lake Malawi. Nakantenga is right next to another location known for a variety of cichlids in the hobby, Maleri Island. For more videos from Pam's trip to Lake Malawi visit her YouTube Channel. To discuss Lake Malawi cichlids visit the Lake Malawi Cichlids forum.

Nakantenga Island

Maleri and Nakantenga Islands. Photo: Google Maps​