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Hi Gregga,
Frank Schulterbrandt (I use to be on the NYCHILDS forum)...
You should treat the Sexfasciatus just like Trets. I will paste what I had done with Trets. because that works for the Sexfasciatus as well.... ( I have bred both (3 colonies of Trets. and 1 colony of gold Sexfasciatus) I also have a colony of Blue Sexfasciatus.
**************************************************************************** I'll put in my 2 cents here .... I had 7 Wild Trets. in a 55 gallon Tret. only tank ( 12 X 48 ).... And I could not get them them to spawn....very little agression... Then I took a male & a female out of this 55 gallon tank and placed them in a 40 gallon breeder tank. Two months later they spawned..... A month later another set of Trets paired in the 55 gallon tank up and laid eggs in a Terra Cotta cave. This newly formed pair beat the #%$& out of all the other Trets(1 males and 2 females). The breeding male kicked the #%$& out of the other male..... So I took out the other 3 non breeding Trets. I placed the 3 Trets. in a 30 gallon long ( 12 X36 ) and they paired up with-in 2 weeks after being placed into that tank..... Now I have three sets of Wild breeding Trets...... But I would not place a male and a female in a tank with other fish..... because when they pair up and start breeding... all #%$& will break out in the tank.... and the other fish will be at the mercy of the Breeding Trets. And trust me they will guard their 200 -- 400+ fry in that tank.
good luck... :thumb:
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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