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N. Leleupi

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I have two Leleupi that laid eggs on the 7th. The female has not left the rock it is under for 9 days. The male just keeps other fish away. They are not eating. Is every thing ok??
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They should be. They probably get enough sustenance from food particles drifting about and may forage after lights out. Try to resist overfeeding in an attempt to bring them out tho. If you are still unsure try discretely dropping cichlid pellets in their territory while the other tankmates (if any) are feeding.

The main indicator is do they look healthy? Leleupi quickly lose their brilliant colouration if they're are feeling under the weather. Sounds like they're just being exceptionally good parents.

Hope it helps and congratulations :thumb:
Perfectly normal !

My female remains in her breeding cave about 50% of the time. I never see my female eat. But she breeds and when she comes out of the cave her belly looks full !

Do their bellies look ok?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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