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N. brichardi

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Hi, it looks like in a month or 2 (maybe more) I'll be getting some baby N. brichardis, does anyone have any good reading on the net I could do to understand these better? I'm trading some baby A. cacatuoides for them. They're going into a 55g (US) tank, 4 feet long. How many can I keep in there and what if I end up with more males than females, does that pose a problem? Thank you.
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There should be a lot of articles on the web and even some here on the site!

Basicly Bricardi will form a family group where the male/female pair will raise young and the young will help raise the following broods.

In a 55 you might be able to have a pair at either end, but at some point you'll most likely end up with war as one family takes over the entire tank.
That's what I was told by someone else. I may just do one pair and have a pair of another fish, still looking into this one.
I believe best odds for success are to obtain 6 juvies and let them choose their own mate, then return the fish that are not in the pair or the mated pair will kill the others.

Likewise I believe this fish is best in a species tank as when it breeds it will also kill any other tankmates. But the pair will tolerate their own fry and will fill the tank.
i keep them in my mixed 125 tank...

I have 2 males... They don't like each other, but basically stay away from each other.

If they breed, they will take over the entire tank up to 4 feet long. As DJR stated, get some small ones, let them grow and nature will take its coarse.

Good luck.
I'm going to be getting babies, when I get them. Not sure how many I'll get, but I'll take upto 6 and as soon as I get a pair all the others will be up for adoption or free (depending on what I pay).

Now what kind of substrait is best for these guys? I already have some crushed coral, do they like that? Should I mix it with sand? What about shells? Rock? Caves? Plants? Ph? Temp? Anything else I'm missing? I know lots of questions, sorry.
CC substrate will be fine...
78-82 degrees will be fine.

Rocks... yes
Caves... yes
Plants... if you want
shells... only if you think they are pretty
ph... 7.8 or higher. This isn't as important as alot of people make it seem, as long as the ph is consistant.
They like to dig a lot, I'd prefer sand to crushed coral, or perhaps a mixture since the crushed coral will help buffer the water.
I have a 55g for my pair of brichardi who just had their 5th fry in as many months. I started with 4 in a mixed tank.After they paired up they started to manhandle everything in the a got a new tank and moved every one to it and left the 4 brichardi in the 55.The pair then tried to kill one of the other I moved him...then they tried to kill the I sold him.I have crused coral, which I like ...and a lot of caves.Make sure the ammonia and nits are low. I think thats important
Thanks for all the help guys and gals. I'm thinking with their light colors I may mix the coral with some dark sand, if I can find any. Add a few caves using some rocks that my boyfriend had in a tank before. I don't think I'll plant anything, I don't like fake plants, and if they're going to dig them up, what's the use. Besides we've got 2 other tanks that are planted. So this will be a change of scenery.
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