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Myaka myaka
by Robert De Leon

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When I received the group of eight I placed them in a tank with lots of hiding places. It took a few weeks for the fish to become comfortable and come out of hiding. Once comfortable, the chasing and nipping where constant. No one individual was the recipient of all the aggression and they always seemed to shrug off the aggression as a normal part of their life. Even so, over the period of 6 months I did experience a couple losses from what I believed to be one male and one female.

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Although I was never able to successfully breed M. myaka, I did get some courtship behavior. Mostly following large water changes and after raising the water temperature. A male would turn very dark and attempt to entice a female to spawn. A couple of the females showed some interest but nothing ever took place. I think that the problem was that the females just weren't ready (i.e. full of eggs) at the time I tried the large water and/or temperature changes.

From what I've read online, other people have experienced problems breeding this species. Courting and displaying takes place and females show interest, but spawns don't take place. The species' shyness may also be a factor. They may just not feel completely comfortable in an aquarium.

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If it hadn't been for the desire to have this group spawn, I would have preferred to keep this unique and active fish. The fact that they are endanger and hard to come by weighed heavily on me. I passed them on to another hobbyist who was willing to put forth the effort to breed them. His attempts were also unsuccessful and eventually lost most of the remaining fish. If I have the opportunity to get another group I would like to try keeping them again. Perhaps breeding takes place at a younger age than when I got them. Regardless, if you would like to try your hand at Myaka myaka, definitely give them a try.
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