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Myaka myaka
by Robert De Leon

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Despite their aggressive nature, M. myaka is also very skittish and scare very easily. Unless comfortable in their environment, expect them to hide whenever you approach the tank. Once them become familiar with you and your feeding hand they relax a little and come out from hiding. They accept flake food greedily, even wild-caught specimens. A food with a good mixture of plant and protein is recommended.

Water Organism Fin Fish Underwater

A sand bottom with plenty a hiding places makes a good home for them. A dark background will also help them feel more comfortable. They also need some open space to move around. These fish are very active and watching them swim around with their dark and silvery colors is a treat.


Myaka myaka have a unique appearance not seen in many cichlids. Males and females both have a silvery body with bright yellow eyes. Dominant fish and especially during courting, their bodies go through a dramatic change from silver to almost entirely black with a silver head. Both males and females can display this color pattern, but usually only dominant males keep this pattern all the time.

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Sexing can be difficult and I assumed the group I had was of 3 males and 5 females. The males were slightly larger and somewhat darker. However, I only know this from what I was told and don't even know if it was correct.


As mentioned earlier, these fish are very aggressive. The original group was quite large but aggression took its toll despite being provided a large tank with plenty of hiding places. Several techniques were attempted including having a species only tank and a tank with other fish to distract the more aggressive males. Regardless, the interspecies aggression continued and the group's numbers slowly dwindled.

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