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My trophs

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F0 Nkonde

F1 Nkonde


Duboisi Maswa

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I'll just say that they are very nice! I hope you are enjoying them!
A nice variety of Tropheus - and beautiful too :)
Baby tropheus are the most adorable thing, like puppies. I can't wait to get mine!
Very nice tropheus :thumb:
Very nice Tropheus,,,,
nice colours on those Maswa, nice mix of fish :fish:
Thanks guys. Soon I plan to do 350gal Tropheus tank!! And same for Malawi Mbuna!! :thumb:
Now I have about 500 gal of water at home. In five aquarium!
Very Nice, I love how "Maswa" look when they're juvies.
Here is my new aquarium! Does not fit in the camera lens. :D

I have a lot of work on it.
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It looks like its gonna be a good one! :thumb:
Wow, nice fish and pictures.

Keep us updated with pics with the new tank.
I missed something. The tank is 280gal!! :D
Cool tank , can I ask what the dimensions are ? :fish:
330/60/60 in cm!! :thumb:
Antuni said:
330/60/60 in cm!!
:eek: That's going to be amazing! Can't wait to see photos when it's ready and stocked.
Awesome tank :eek:

What stock is going in this one?
You have some very nice Tropheus and very nice tanks!
Very interested to follow your thread on this tank, I have a tank with almost identical dimensions but it is not setup as tropheus tank YET!
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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