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allen831 said:
i got a couple questions for you vekoma what do you feed your fish and how many times a day? also how much % of water do you changes and how often?
I feed once a day a modest amount of one of the following:
- Ocean Nutrition Formula Two (pellets)
- Julian Sprung SeaVeggies (green seaweed)
- OSI Spirulina (flakes)
and every couple of weeks one of these:
- Omega One Marine +garlic (pellets)
- Dainichi Marine FX (pellets)

I change water weekly. I don't know the exact amount because it gets tapped in and out without buckets but I would guess around 1/4th to 1/3rd of the water volume.

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Nice fish, camerawork, and editing too! You have inspired me!
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