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I started with a good ol 23 Mbuna and one jewel Cichlid about three or four weeks ago. After I moved 5 of them downstairs to my 36 gallon in the belief that they were mouth-brooding, I lost an instant 8-9 Mbuna in five days Water quality perfect. 55 gallons. Penguin filters, one of them has two biowheels. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED??!??!??!?!? I have no canister on the 55 gallon. The fish hide and are not eating, can't seem to get ahold of LFS uh..... I want to convert to Maingano Breeding colony since I originally wanted to start breeding that species. I got carried away with my purchasing since I figured they'd get along and they did/are LoL. 8-9 fish dead, started with 24 Mbuna two other fish, 55 gallon, What caused the death's of a third of my Mbunas? My fish that are alive are 1-3 inches long. :-? :-?

Current 55 gallon occupants:
2 Maingano (males)
1 Jewel Cichid
1 Yellow Lab
2 Auratus Male and one female
2 Hongi Male and Female
3-4 Red Zebra?
1 Kuhli Loach
1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco
36 gallon occupants:
3 Afra 2 females one male
1 Red Zebra
1 Maingano female

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Welcome to C-F!! Sorry for your loss of some fish.

How did you cycle the aquariums? Usually a tank that is not cycled is the reason for losing fish and the only way to know if the tank is cycled is to test for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Can you post the test results please?

Your mix of fish is also problematic as is the male/female ratios. Malawi cichlids are harem breeders which is usually 1 male to 4 or 5 females depending on the species.

What brand and model filter are you using on the 55G tank?
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