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My Red Empress is NOT gay

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I have a (supposedly) all male peacock/hap tank with a trio of labs and a p.acei. My ruby red, which I got about 6 weeks ago, isn't the best specimen I've ever seen. Colored up, but a very blah red and no blue head. Anyway, my big male Red Empress was doing the googly dance around "him" the other day, which confused the heck out of me. He was chasing everyone away from the front area, except the ruby red, and carrying gravel around. Then a few days ago, the ruby red stopped eating and started holding its mouth verrrrryyyy closed. Hmmmm. Today, "he" came out to eat and dropped all "his" eggs in order to get the NLS pellets. The eggs (maybe three of them) were promptly eaten by the others. Sooooo, I got the now-her out of their pronto and she's going back to the LFS. I'm annoyed . . . but it sure explains why she looked so crappy for her species . . .
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Sounds like she might have been hormoned, as well!

I'd have a serious talk with the LFS.

Oh, definitely hormoned. I spoke to the LFS today and I'm bringing her back tomorrow for a refund. This store treats me well, but doesn't really know anything about Africans . . .
Hadthe same thing happen a little while ago. The lfs took back the fish, but didnot really want to take back the others that I had bought at the same time :x ...After the debate, they took them all back :D . Just didnot want to take the chance.
What do you mean about 'hormoned'? Are they giving females male hormones to brighten up? I have been having a really big problem with missexed fish. granted they are mbuna, so not quite as easy to dissern between the sexes, but some dimorphic species really did appear to be male and then in my tank started looking more and more like girls and then I found them holding.... Could they have been given hormones?
CichlidWhisperer said:
What do you mean about 'hormoned'? Are they giving females male hormones to brighten up?
Yes, some breeders do that.

So, yes, some of your fish could have been hormoned. I find it to be mainly a problem with peacocks and haps in this area, but it could also be done with mbuna. Mbuna can be tricky to even attempt to sex visually, though...Subdominant males can take on female colouration, while dominant females can take on male colouration.

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