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My Plecos got Yammed by the Powerheads lol

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Poor little guys,... so my 75 gl malawi tank started building up a bit of Algie on glas and rocks so i thought id remedy the issue by buying some scumm suckerz,.. I go down to the LFS and the guy says if you got malawis these are good to blend , and sells me 2 leopard sailfin plecos about 2" each $5.50ea

so plopped them in last night they were doin real good eating around the tank,.. and the malawi cichlids were not bothering them atall :) fast forward to this morning I found one guy stuck dead in my aquaclear 30 powerhead and the other guy stuck in the other same style powerhead on the other side of the tank,...

they were sleeping good :zz:
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Awww. It's possible something happened to them before that because a 2" pleco should have been strong enough to swim away from the filter intake.
they were both 2" and both go killed by the powerheads ( which are small 30gl type of powerheads )

so i through them in the black convict tank for a meal for the C.A convicts,.. and one got eaten and the other dissapeard ,, next day I found him alive and well suckin on the glass :p

I was like :eek: WoW awsome !! so I took him out and placed him back in the malawi tank to eat algie,.. I dont understand tho he was dead flopped over upside down not breathing for many many hrs :-? ........the convicts mustav done some black magic and revived him :wink:
It swam into my aqueon circulation pump (like a koralia). It has a grill on the front but somehow it got in there and stopped it up killing himself in the process.
I'd say the cichlids got to them and then they ended up sucked in.
Riceburner said:
I'd say the cichlids got to them and then they ended up sucked in.
No the cichlids accepted them no problems at all, they were not being agressive to the plecos I watched them for hours

they juts swam by and got unlucky or Kamakazi into the powerheads :p
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